Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Skarsgard Fix -- Zodiac, Heartbreak

This article recently appeared on The Vault about the Zodiac signs of the True Blood stars. I'm posting it here because I found it very amusing that I share a sign with Stephen Moyer, a Libra. (This isn't an invitation to pinch my butt, but, by all means, take it as one to pinch Moyer's.) What conclusion did I draw from this? Well, the fact that Virgo Alexander Skarsgard and I are not meant for each other. You hear that? It's the sound of hearts breaking... Yes, the hearts of Skars-loving Libras all over the world breaking. Today is a sad day.

I don't think heartbreak is too much of an exaggeration, do you?

What have we learned from this? It's okay to be jealous of Leo Anna Paquin for one more reason. Luckiest girl ever. And her lucky day is Sunday. Imagine that.

P.S. Today is my friend Nystacular's birthday! Head over to her blog to send happy thoughts and listen to some retro Happy Birthday tunes! (She's a Leo too. I dare say, her compatibility with The Skarsgard very well may ruin our friendship.)

UPDATE: 8/21/09 9:56 p.m.

The Vault just posted a new Zodiac reading for Vampire Bill and Sookie based on novel birth date info. Sadly, no Eric. And I'm still bummed about The Skars. I'll go back to my crying...


  1. I think I said that, what's your name again? Was it, I hate you now?


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