Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Playlists -- I MUST Have the Beat.

Today, I am trying very hard not to fall asleep after setting my alarm at an insane 6:30 a.m. after months of vampire sloth-like hours. Ask any college student that isn't slightly strange and you'll understand the hardship of getting up before 9.

But seriously, it isn't just coffee that gets me going (although my cup was delicious with my banana brown sugar oatmeal...). It's the music, duh! Maybe it's not "Macho Man" (See Clip from "Witch" below or watch full episode on hulu -- Actually one of my favorite episodes of Season 1) and I'm not hyped up on blood spells, but I still "I MUST have the beat." (That one's from "The Dark Age," opening scene but full episode is below.) Oh, Buffy reference. Sometimes I scare myself.

OK, have the beat. Or at least the upbeat.

The Lineup:
1. "Paris" by Friendly Fires (Official)

2. "Magique" by We Are Wolves (Official -- I feel like adding only We Are Wolves right now, but that's not a proper mix! Bad Alison.)

4. "Hummer" by Foals (Official -- I wanted "Tron," but hates me.)

5. "It Don't Move Me" by Peter Bjorn and John (Official)

Video. "All in My Head" by Good Shoes (Official)

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