Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Made It Up" -- Highlander's Stole... Take 2

While working on the Highlander's Stole in my super lacy and fuzzy Suri Dream, I found myself wondering, "Why did I think this was a good idea?" So here we are: Me dropping stitches (which I never do) and cursing my decision versus having happy relaxing knitting time. In the end, it took me a very short time to decide that this version would not provide enough cover for a strapless dress, would not be fun to work with and would be all around bad. The Suri Dream will be some other nice thing of mine when the time is right. From here on out, I'll only post ideas and FOs. Everything else is sure to expose my tendency to change my mind. Here we go: Second verse, same as the first...

The Stats:
Same as the first except...
Yarn - (substitution) 2-3 skeins
Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Black
Needles - (Which I neglected to mention) Cable needle

[Songs]*rep to end. - "Made It Up"
In honor of my indecisive nature, I choose this song about the indecisive nature of others sung by the one and only
Ben Kweller. That would be "Made It Up" from Sha Sha, a great album. Ben Kweller has those tunes that just melt away the unhappy and leave only shiny music notes for your listening pleasure. The music on this album also epitomizes my knitting frustration. It feels really angry, but it's still knitting, so even the most frightening rages are softened by the presence of yarn. Or in Kweller's case, the presence of Kweller himself. Too cute to be angry.

Ben kweller make it up live la cigale
by agentshirley

Let's Get Cozy... again. - New and improved Highlander's Stole (CO 7/12/09, FO 7/16/09)
This project knit up super quick, although the blocking takes a little more time. The pattern uses a basketweave cable, which is really easy (just alternating a front, left cable and a back, right cable) and looks intricate and cool. It took me 11 cable patterns plus 1 up-to-row-4 one to reach 50 inches exactly. I've paired mine with a vintage brooch and the knitted fabric has yet to snag or refuse to fit in the clasp, despite the super bulky yarn weight. I couldn't be happier. It's the picture of style and function. It's a stole in the fall and it can double as a bulky scarf when it's snowy and slushy! It's practically magical.

That magic is thanks in part to the yarn, which the cashier at JoAnn Fabrics remarked, "That's really soft, isn't it?" So you know it's awesome. Thick & Quick is a yarn that I've used often. It's fairly inexpensive, washable, looks good, easy to work with and comes in fun colors. That last point obviously doesn't apply to this project, of course in the dark, colorless color Black (creative name, Lion Brand). Anyway, it's a good choice. For real this time. I know from previous projects that cables are easy-peasy with this yarn. Crisis averted, for the time being. Let's hope for the best and see where this yarn and this little stole takes us. I bet it's somewhere exciting. It is yarn, after all. I'd like to think Paris, France but it's more like My Futon, Pennsylvania. That sounds French, right?

Anyway, as it turns out, the cable pattern tends to make the piece a bit tight around the middle, so blocking is quite necessary. It may be a quick knit, but my putting off the blocking... Well, that takes a wee bit longer. There's a good article on blocking from About.com
here. Then you'll be extra pretty. Or at least une jolie futon.

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