Friday, August 21, 2009

Sailor Moon -- My Grade School Sookie

After revisiting my childhood pop culture faves with last night's post and An American Tail, I looked up another one. I used to love Sailor Moon. I even had the theme birthday party with the cake, cups and the paper plates with Sailor Moon winking up at all my party guests. I can remember watching it with my friends and lusting after stuffed Luna dolls at the mall.

But what I didn't remember was the villain seen in the video below is sporting some nasty fangs, then turns into an evil-looking corpse dressed in a harem outfit. That very well may have been my first vampire, but a saw more of a connection to Sookie Stackhouse's role than to any of the True Blood vampires.

Unless you count them as objects of my affection and fictitious character crushes. Oh, Tuxedo Mask, why don't they wear the capes anymore? Oh, yes. Maybe this is why. Racerback tanks are more badass.

Sailor Moon was my grade school Sookie Stackhouse. It's not just because they're both tough, spunky blondes, it's all they represent: A strong female role model. Of course, True Blood doesn't always paint Sookie as she was written. There's a lot more "Save me, Bill!" than I can remember reading, but the principle's the same. Like Serena, all Sookie needs is a little motivation and she saves the whole world. Even if she sometimes gets distracted by the cute guys. (Note the fact that Tuxedo Mask is the gentlemanly tall, dark and handsome, Sailor Moon's the fair-haired heroine and the evil guy's a blond with similar new Eric hair?)

Lessons Learned from This Rediscovery:
1. Eric Northman still trumps every fictional character (and real-life?) crush I've ever had.
2. Sailor Moon was probably the reason for my elementary school obsession with Feminism.
3. Luna was responsible for my Crazy Cat Lady tendencies. (I thought I might be a Sailor Scout.)
4. Cartoon hair is ridiculous. And awesome. (And sometimes talks to you?)
5. It's okay for heroines to cry and wear skirts and short shorts if they get results.
6. Whether it's a tiara or a chain, my girly role models can turn bitches to dust, save their worlds and their loves.

There's someone to teach you about life through pop culture at every stage of your life. Sailor Moon set a standard for me at a young age. She's all about justice and love and cute outfits. Without that, I can't imagine that I'd feel the same about Sookie.

UPDATE: I can't stop watching this Sailor Moon clip. Old habits die hard?

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  1. YOU HAD A SAILOR MOON BIRTHDAY PARTY?! i'm so jealous. they sold sailor moon crap at the mall!? still jealous. I loved sailor moon, my mom actually calls me sailor moon sometimes when I act a certain way hahaha


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