Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"A&E" -- Button Skull Cap

UPDATE: So, according to this thread on Etsy, it looks like I'll only be selling original stuff from now on. I'm glad I read that before I knit my heart out. Apologies for even thinking of Etsying something I didn't design. I feel bad, and I didn't even do it. Still look out for some Etsy things though, Alison originals (Maybe these ones I've put on the backburner.).

Find Ravelry Listing here and Etsy Listing will be up when I stop being a lazy bum and work on some of my design ideas.

Thus begins my Etsy adventure. So, this is the second piece I've made to get rid of my stash before I start selling some designs of my own on Etsy, a web site on which you can buy and sell handmade items. It's a Skull Cap from an old Knit.1 Magazine I had and it was pretty successful, in my opinion. I found that the first one I made was a bit too small, so I modified the band a little and chose a new yarn. Exciting.

The Stats:

The Pattern - #23 Cabled Hat or Skull Cap
Yarn - (substitution) about 1.5 Balls
Knit Picks Merino Style in Asparagus
Needles - Size 6 DPNs from Knit Picks in
Harmony Wood and a cable needle
Source -
Winter 06/07 Knit.1 Magazine
Price - Originally $5.99 or Back Issues $8.99

[Songs]*rep to end. - "A&E"

"A&E" by
Goldfrapp from Seventh Tree reminds me of this hat. It may be preppy cables, but it sure is green and that makes me think of nature sounds and shrubbery. Maybe it doesn't remind me of dancing leaf monsters, but if your hat does a little choreography, I won't charge extra.

Cable Pattern:

Let's Get Cozy - Button Skull Cap (CO 8/7/09, FO 8/11/09)

I'm very pleased with how this pattern worked out. My mods came out wonderfully, and the
Merino Style shows off the cables and isn't at all itchy. I didn't run into any problems along the way. I've decided to add some buttons from my button jar, which is just a big jar of found buttons, but only after asking the buyer first. So I took some photos of the hat sans buttons, and some with the buttons against the fabric. If it was me, I'd add them, but I want to keep my options open. I was thinking of adding 3 in graduated order.

Buttons Available:


  1. SUPER CUTE! my ocd graphic designing sesnses are tingling, ok so I've never sold anything anyway, but hopefully I won't sound insane with the following, if you bought a wig holder thing (sterofoam head-i have one for my green wig) which is like 3 dollars at sallys beauty supplies, and put the hat on it and then take a picture with a neutral background, it could improve your chance of selling it faster because pepole will subconiously be like oh shes professional, so that hat will be amazing.

  2. Ha ha. I was thinking about that. This is just the quick and dirty let's get this post up photos.


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