Friday, August 21, 2009

Eric Tees -- Sigh. And Not the Good Kind.

I both love and hate to tell you this. They are now selling Eric Northman and True Blood t-shirts at Hot Topic. Sigh. (An exasperated one, not the good kind.)

Why do you ruin everything I love, Hot Topic?

Let me tell you. For now it's okay, but the first time I see someone wearing an Eric shirt who wouldn't know Eric's ceremonial dagger from his bic, I may have to scream.

When they start printing GP jokes on them, I may have to off myself. And any girl who pronounces his name any of the following: Saarsgard, Skarskard, Derrick or Alec. And I'm throwing in "That guy." for good measure.

You have been warned. And when I pass the store in the mall, I may have to fall to my knees and cry bloody tears when I scream, "HBO, don't do it. Please! Please! Please. HBO," in Old Swedish. (Too soon?)

Not that it'll help anything, but maybe @EricNorthman will eat any of the people who are unworthy. He'd enjoy the sport.

Maybe it was naive of me to think that True Blood would have a cult following forever. But it looks like our favorite Viking is going to populate those dark-colored shelves with our favorite Sparkly Pansies. And then I will die a little inside. And it won't be from sexy Eric bites.

UPDATE: Friends are the best. Now, I was feeling all sad about the prospect of Eric Northman becoming a Hot Topic commodity but Nystacular knows just what to say. "Think of it this way, she's just a fangbanger." To which I could only reply, "Awwww. Because then we're Sookie Stackhouse and Eric loves us! (Mostly me.)"

You know you're friends are awesome when they make you feel better with obscure pop culture references. So, I'm spreading the love around. There is hope. Don't worry. The zippered Hot Topic girls are the Gingers and the ones who really appreciate him are the Sookie Stackhouses. Best idea ever.


  1. The shirt looks good to me. It's a great mood booster. When you are feeling blue, just look down and see that gorgeous face. The problem with their shirts is that they are made sooo thin and they're cheap material too and all for a hefty price. We should make our own & sell them on Etzy or CafePress.

  2. Nyssa already proposed a Fangtasia tee! I don't care, I'm still sad. And not afraid to admit that I'm a snob who wants Eric all to herself (and millions of people who understand him and don't just think he's cute.)

  3. I actually like that HT's shirts are thin. I get too warm easily so it's a bonus for me. I did in fact order a EN shirt from HT as it was cheaper than doing so from HBO since I'm outside of the US. Not to mention the fact that they actually have a size chart whereas the HBO store doesn't seem to be as clear on that. Anyway, definitely a die-hard book fan here. I can understand why you're upset and I'm a little upset as well but at least in this case it worked out for me personally ;)

  4. I'm a little upset as well because I hate when something become too popular... like Twilight. I really enjoyed the books at first but now it's all Robert Pattinson and screaming girl...


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