Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Playlists -- Bands with Animal Names: Part 1

Tonight's playlist is inspired by the band, Fruit Bats which I saw on WXPN's My Morning Download today. (They're kind of like The Swimmers meets The Meligrove Band, if you need a frame of reference.) There is a certain problem when looking for videos for bands with animal names. You're looking for this and you find this. But AAAAWWWW. Maybe it's not a problem. Just because that was so much fun and kuuuuuute (I thank Chris Leavins for that one.) I'll link a corresponding animal video with the music one. Yay for confusion! I'm making this a 2-day extravaganza, so get ready to be dazzled by some vids! This has to be my greatest idea EVER.

The Lineup:

1. "Library Sex" by Flamingo Crash ( and Real Flamingos -- Dancing fools!)

2. "Cherries in the Snow" by Elk City (Official Video and Real Elk and his Dog friend -- Born to be wild!)

3. "Ex-Girl Collection" by The Wrens (Sound Only and Real Carolina Wrens)

4. "Good Arms vs. Bad Arms" by Frightened Rabbit (Live Acoustic in Philadelphia and Real Wheelchair Rabbit)

5. "Alligator" by Grizzly Bear (Live and Real Grizzly Bears)

Video. "Canyon Girl" and "Lives of Crime" by Fruit Bats

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