Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Songs for Sookie -- Cold War Kids

Everyone knows about the Twitter/Facebook True Blood personalities. It just so happens that Sookie Stackhouse decided to throw a contest for a True Blood swag bag from one of the parties at Comic-Con this year. What was the contest? Choose four songs for Sookie's time in the FotS basement.

Could this be more for me? I think not. Why do I think that? Because I won! (End gloating.) Here are the original rules to the contest and here is the winners announcement.

But I thought this would be the perfect time to explain my song choices based on the parameters given and share the media here. That means a clip of the show which was my inspiration, the song video and lyrics with explanations. And because I'm sure nothing exciting is going to happen before Sunday, I'll make this a 4-part series called, "Songs for Sookie." (btw, as I am writing that statement, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer get engaged... Alexander Skarsgard will not be naked in next week's True Blood. C'mon magical contradictory powers! It's worth a shot, right?)

1. One Song that reflects Sookie's state of mind on imprisonment.

"Something is Not Right With Me" by Cold War Kids (Lyrics)

The video I had originally chosen was taken down for infringement, I guess, so instead I offer the actual Barry-maiming as my aid. I chose Cold War Kid's "Something is Not Right With Me" because it's how I imagine Sookie sees her infiltration of the FotS and her following imprisonment. "Something is not right with me/Trying not to let it show" is exactly how Sookie sees her telepathy, and especially in this situation, she has to keep a straight face, even knowing the horrible things Steve Newlin and Gabe want to do to her.

I think that the line "the people who are sleeping late into the evening/Reach behind they can hardly find their spines" described the Fellowship members and how they see the world.

The other part I thought fit well is, "I tried to call you... but you would not accept...your friends are laughing" It's modified a little, but it made me think of the Bill-Lorena scene where she smashes his (weird-looking) phone. Bill can't accept Sookie's telepathic call through Barry because of Lorena.

"You find out who's dating who,/But when it comes to you/One's pulling us in different ways in the mind" Is excellent to describe, not only Sookie's telepathy, but her tendency to rack up the male suitors.

And lastly, just for my fun, which no one probably got, "It was smokey but it died in your front yard," I thought was frickin' hilarious when applied to Sookie. If anyone has read the books, a lot of people die in Sookie's yard and some are even burnt up there.

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  1. Congratulations again! I look forward to reading the next three posts!


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