Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playlists -- It's Brit, not Bret.

Music has to fit your mood, right? Or at least the mood you'd like to be in. As I'm packing away my things for school (or pretending to), I need a little upbeat tune to help me out. (I was thinking, help me whistle while I work, but that sounded a little too Disney.) Anyway, I've found some pop/rock songs from Britain work well for me. Why? Who knows? And "It's Brit, not Bret." because I'm American and do not confuse girls with my New Zealand accent. It's Brit.

The Lineup:

1. "First Love" by The Maccabees (Official)

2. "Death to Los Campesinos!" by Los Campesinos! (Recording)

3. "Eddie's Gun" by The Kooks (Official)

4. "A Love to Die For" by The Rifles (Sound Only - with annoying beginning ad)

5. "News and Tributes" by The Futureheads (Sound Only)

Video. "Thank You Very Much" by Kaiser Chiefs (Live)

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