Thursday, August 6, 2009

Songs for Sookie -- Ben Kweller

This is Part 2 of the 4-part, "Songs for Sookie" series. Here we go with a little Ben Kweller and a little graveyard romance. Enjoy. (See Part 1 here.)

2. One song that helps Sookie stay strong through the ordeal.

"Sundress" by Ben Kweller (Lyrics)

I thought that the main thing Sookie would be thinking about while she was imprisoned, and why she was, was Bill. So, to get her through the ordeal, I chose "Sundress." This song is very romantic and is how I imagine Bill thinks of Sookie. Let's not forget that she wore a sundress to their first date even though it was at night. Plus there's the whole, "I can smell the sunlight on your skin." thing. It seemed like a good choice.

The line, "I do everything you want me to," while somewhat contradictory to Bill's wishes (more like Eric's), fits in with Sookie doing what she believes is best for both of them. Sookie often said in the books that she changed when she met Bill ("From the inside-out/You've changed girl, you know you have.").

Even in the show, that everything that happened to her since she met Bill was for him, that without him none of it would have happened. "I chose it when I chose you." That's got to be on Sookie's mind. Why else is she doing this?

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