Monday, August 17, 2009

Playlists -- Boy's Names

I'm an equal opportunity poster. And I like boys. So, here we are. There's one name we all know on there! And it sounds just like his Fellowship days... or at least the part about the sun (It's son, but I don't care!). Oh, Jason. I like you so much better when you're fighting bigotry with paint balls than when you're the bigot. And it doesn't hurt that you're pretty.

The Lineup:

1. "Alfie" by Lily Allen (Official -- Puppets are creepy. Except for Angel puppets. I still love "Smile Time" best.)

2. "Phil & Don" by Camera Obscura (

3. "Saint John" by Cold War Kids (Live)

4. "Georg Bendemann" by Siberian (Sound Only)

5. "Jason" by Sufjan Stevens (

Video. "Jimmy Fallon" by The Willis (Live -- I think I needed a famous one. Burn a CD-R.)

Video. "Oh Larsen B" by British Sea Power (Live -- So it's a male Antarctic shelf. Because I say so. -- For poor audio... Lyrics.)

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