Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playlists -- Girl's Names: Part 2

Now for Part 2 of our 2-part Playlists series, "Girl's Names." (See Part 1 here.)

The Lineup:

1. "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs (Official -- You know half the song lyrics if you know the title.)

2. "Annie Oakley" by Miniature Tigers ( and Real Annie Oakley shooting -- True story - I used to love Annie Oakley when I was little. That's why this liberal vegetarian knows things about "Little Sure Shot," I'm not a secret gun enthusiast. Another True Story - Related video to that one? "Hotties Shooting Guns." Yay Feminism!)

3. "Dammit Anna" by The Morning Benders (Official)

4. "Vivian, Don't" by The Spinto Band (Live -- Yes, Vivian is a popular name.)

5. "Mariella" by Kate Nash (Sound Only with Kate Nash Photo Slide show)

Video. "Luna" by Malajube (Official -- Luna girl has some nice hooded knitwear! Chlorine and knits don't mix. What happened to the sweater? I'm concerned.)

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