Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alexander Skarsgard -- Hot Captain Planet?

I decided not to post every new development on Mr. Skarsgard, but how can I not share the good news when Alexander Skarsgard turns out to be a hot Captain Planet?

I can't help but be impressed by his environmentalism. He recently joined "Tails for Whales," and now the good people over at Skarsgard News are making copies of his anchor jewelry and donating the profits to the cause! So, it's got Alexander Skarsgard, it's got whales and saving the environment. Read the story here (... there are also some shirtless pics if that's more of an incentive.)

Funny story about this necklace? I recently had a discussion with a friend about it. After seeing the recent pictures of the actor in LAX, she said to me, "You remember the necklace."

Of course, I did not remember. So I asked her to show me where I'd seen it before. Well, it just so happens that the one place I'd seen it was in those shirtless pics... in the form of the Facebook Application, "Alexander Skarsgard," in one very aptly titled, "Grr. Alex." So there you have it.

The only thing I could say was, "I totally missed that. I was a little distracted. And not looking at his accessories. Or at least not his jewelry."

UPDATE: (8/23/09 7:42 p.m. -- TRUE BLOOD SUNDAY!) The necklaces are now available for purchase here for $185 with all proceeds going to Tails for Whales. Read the story from Skarsgard News here.

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