Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Porté Disparu" -- Super Bulky Cabled Hat

Every knitter has stash problems. Or that's what I like to tell myself. Like most knitters, I have an unusual fondness for yarn. I try to buy yarn project by project, but there's a sale or a certain color catches your eye and it's bye bye budgets... helllloooo yarn. This is a stash busting project that I've made before with success. I thought it was time to revisit the good old Super Bulky Cabled Hat.

The Stats:

The Pattern - Super Bulky Cabled Hat
Yarn - (substitution) 1 Skein Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset and 1 Skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fig (used about 1/4 skein Thick & Quick)
Needles - Size 13 needles (Knit straight not in the round, but I usually use circs anyway.)
Source - Online at abmatic/k
Price - Free Online

A little WIP action...

Songs*[rep]to end. - "Porté Disparu"

I've chosen Malajube's "Porté Disparu" from their latest, Labyrinthes because I think it pretty much embodies my yarn stash craziness both in the insane situations and color palette. I kind of love that this video is in French, so the obviously quirky video idea seems that much more absurd with the incomprehensible song lyrics. Dead chickens, murder and colored suits. Yes, that is my life. And bonus points for disappearing like my yarn stash!

Cable Pattern:

Let's Get Cozy - Super Bulky Cabled Hat (CO 8/13/09, FO 8/23/09)

I just want to start out by saying that the time it took me to complete this hat is completely unrealistic. I would have finished it in one day if I hadn't lost the second ball of yarn. Sometimes you have to factor in the crazy misplacement time. This hat is knit flat and then sewn up at the end. They recommend that you use a mattress stitch, but I usually use a whip stitch because it was the first way I learned to sew up a hat. It works just fine. I used the Fig for the band and then for the last 4 decrease rows at the top. I've considered adding a pom-pom, but for now it's been left plain. This is just a simple, quick hat. I'd recommend it for using up your stash. I'm thinking of turning it into a gift, but we'll see what happens.

So, 2 skeins down and a (number that I will conceal from my parents) of skeins to go. I can only pray that my weakness for pretty wool doesn't translate into a fondness for felines. It's a slippery slope from, "Aaawww kitten!" to "I have 17 cats and they're all named Chester Cheetah." I'm keeping tabs on myself. And on the number of litter boxes I have the urge to purchase.

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