Sunday, August 9, 2009

What About Eric?! -- The Dweeby Debonair

Where to begin this week? Any where's good, but at the beginning is best when I'm so excited and ready to gush. I believe this was my favorite True Blood episode to date. This week's, Ep. 8, "Timebomb" was a Beck song, which made the music lover in me all warm and fuzzy at the thought ("Timebomb" music video here). But they really pulled out all the stops.

Let's get to it. This was basically the Jason Stackhouse episode. I think his response to a paintball crotch shot by Sarah Newlin was pretty priceless. "Sweet Jesus!" And then, to dumb
FotS member who questions, "Is that a paintball gun?" ... "Um... yes." Classically Jason Stackhouse, all puffed up and heroic, but still sort of stupid.

I rather enjoyed seeing Jason still defending his sister, knocking Sarah Newlin over and shooting Steve Newlin in the hand and face with the paintball gun.

I kind of loved his moment with Bill where he describes his FotS insanity as "sucked out my brain and put their own babies in there." And Bill was a little bit of a jerk to him with the hug, which granted, vampires don't do, but how many times as Bill hugged Sookie? He can't accept a hug from her brother?

And as a segue, let's address the cute-but-scary Eric-Jason conversation, which was kind of a threatening big brother talk in reverse. Jason should be the one putting Sookie's would-be suitor in his place, but Eric all but pats poor Jason on the head. (You ever notice how Eric episodes are usually Jason episodes? Both "Plaisir d'amour" and "Escape from Dragon House" in Season 1, for example.)

How hysterical was Human Eric? (Starting 4:18) I think I just about lost it when he all smoothly leans into Sookie and whispers seductively, "Trust me." and proceeds to hang his head, shrug his shoulders and use the word "dang." That moment explained a lot about Eric. He sees humans as sort of bumbling nerds, apparently. And I kind of love it.

I had a
Home Alone moment when Eric walks away all, "I'll be fine." (One of his lines from Generation Kill, I hear, but don't remember. Too much time spent oogling to remember lines?). Even though I've read the books, I feel like anything can happen. Maybe Eric won't die, but there might be some damage to his pretty face and we can't not worry about that. Anyway, what I found most interesting about his sacrificial moment was that after Bill comes into the church and the FotS members are basically defeated, Sookie doesn't fall into Bill's arms, but runs to save Eric from the silver chain.

We saw Eric smile more in this episode than in any so far, and what a treat it is, fangs or no. And at the party, Eric's entrance into the Bill and Sookie conversation also had me cracking up. "Mmmmm. Heard my name. I hope you were speaking well of me." I don't know how Eric can be this incredibly sexy, powerful force and also sound something like that annoying dude who can't take a hint. I think if I didn't love Eric so much, I wouldn't insanely laugh every time they make him say something a little nerdy. I like the idea of him being so confident in himself that he manages to be menacing, dweeby and charming at the same time. Pretty much perfect.

What was Sam thinking? I can't figure out his reasoning, wrapping her halfway up in a trash bag, like some kind of trash bag mermaid and then calling the police. And in other Daphne news... we finally found out what was in the weird stew served at the orgies, and in this case, in a souffle served to Eggs and Tara.

That whole scene was very bizarre, and I'm still sick of the Maryann stuff. They've drawn out that story way too long. They've dropped so many clues that I feel like I'm watching a blue cartoon dog. Tara and Eggs: Searching for Paw prints... and slapping each other in the face.

But you had to love that shot of the souffle. I mostly enjoyed the noise that the knife made as it cut and the blood spurted out. I understand that Eggs and Tara were compelled to eat once they took a bite, but the first one? You can't help but think, why would you eat that? It doesn't look good. It looks like blood. You wonder why they would even touch it.

Oh, and Maryann? You're not supposed to cut meat on a wooden cutting board! You'll give yourself foodborne illnesses! No one wants to do nasty, lusty things while their food spurts out of both ends, Maenad!

The only thing I can say about the Hoyt-Jessica scenes is, ew. While I thought, geez, he got those buttons undone fast, then said awww that his shirt had snaps, there was a t.m.i. moment in there. Enough said.

I also have a problem with Godric. I don't understand their reasoning for him without the book's explanation. I think without that, his being there makes no sense. His apprehension of Gabe makes no sense. I can't wait to see their reasons for his whole deal beyond, "They kidnapped me, I didn't want to kill them." It just doesn't jive with the hints dropped earlier, unless that was meant to mislead the novel readers.

The Lorena-Sookie scene was yet another example of where Godric (who isn't supposed to be there) intervenes when it could have been Eric. I wanted it to be Eric. Sometimes, it just doesn't feel right when people who weren't there in the scenes in the novels are there in the show. Most of the time, I say to myself, that wasn't better than it was done in the novels. It was just different for the sake of being different. (AND what was with Lorena's hair...?)

I suppose any book-to-show changes can be forgiven this week with the insertion of Human Eric. That was just brilliant and hilarious and soooo worth it.

You have to love when they give the people what they want. (More. Eric.)

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