Friday, August 21, 2009

Episode 10 -- Jason's Gettin' Soldiery.

It's in linky form for right now over at E! Online, but the sneak peek for this week's True Blood, "New World in My View" is here. (Or you can see it on HBO's site here, along with the full preview.) This one's all about Jason Stackhouse and his heroics, which aren't very smart. Leave it to him to be interested in a new waitress over the idea of a clawed monster running around. Jason is nothing if not consistent. I also enjoy the Jason's "gettin' soldiery" music.

There's also an interesting video playing in background. Possibly Bill's Wii? I thought I saw some sword action going on.

Anyway, I'll put up the HBO video, but they never work for me for some reason. It's worth a try.

UPDATE: Video's no longer wonky and is posted below (I left the original link above), but in a related story, @SookieBonTemps posted this link for a video explaining the game playing in the background of the scene on Bill's Wii is called Dead Space Extraction (Released Sept. 29) and from the clip it looks more like zombie-ish creatures than sword-wielding anything. I guess I've got swords on the brain. And did you notice that Hoyt's also been pretty observant? I guess with Jason gone, he had a lot of time on his hands before Jessica showed up.


  1. not to be a nerd, but It might have been dead space, or any resident evil games for the wii

  2. Ha ha ha. After I wrote this, I saw someone wrote a comment on The Vault about that. And yes. You are a nerd.


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