Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life Begins at Night -- Waiting for True Blood

Here I am on another Sunday, trying to keep my mind off of the MANY hours before this week's True Blood. Well, I'm tired of it. But I'm a humanitarian, so I'm going to help out all you folks out in Internet land and give you my tips for wasting time until 9 p.m.

Tip #1: Read your Sookie Stackhouse Novels
A tried and true method to beat the not-nine-yet blues. What better way to forget about seeing your favorite characters on screen than seeing them in your mind's eye? You can either read the passages covered this week (something in Living Dead in Dallas for tonight's) or read your favorite scenes over (and over and over...) again. Not only will it help you better understand the plot line of the week, but you can relive those which didn't make the cut. For me, that's all about Eric. Oh, Book Eric. You always know what to say. And do. And how to look. Viking.

Tip #2: Utilise YouTube
What's not on right now? True Blood. What is on all the time? Every video clip ever that has to do with the show, the characters, the actors and the fans. My top picks:
The Best of Eric Northman - That's all Eric, all the time. The best of every episode. Blood lusty Eric is almost as good as lusty Eric. And also very similar... The below is from "Scratches." Happy memories.

You're also sure to enjoy SkarsgardChannel, which hosts, not only Alex's True Blood clips, but clips of his Swedish films with English subtitles. I would listen to him talk about steel any day. This one's a clip from Iron Angels.

Panels and Interviews are always welcome. Maybe you'll glean a little of the week's plot or see the beginnings of an especially scandalous exchange. This one's not real, obviously, but I still like it. Sookie Stackhouse gives an interview. Oh, for when Blood Copy didn't suck. I meant when it wasn't just for vampires!

Tip #3: Twitter
You follow your favorite True Blood sites? Well, you should. They provide episode countdowns and up-to-the-minute news when you're feeling uninformed. You want to talk to the Bon Temps crowd? Well you can, almost. Maybe Sookie herself will tell you that it'll all be alright when the show comes on, or maybe it'll be less comforting. Sookie doesn't always get in the safest situations (Fellowship basements? Open graves? Vampire love triangles?)... But most of all, it acts as a sort of Truebie support group. Anyone who's talking about True Blood is probably saying, "3 more hours!" just like you. It's practically warm and fuzzy.

Tip #4: The Rerun
Tape each episode of True Blood and you can watch them whenever you want. To pass the time, I always watch the last episode before the new one. It helps me keep up, notice new things and satisfies that craving like a nicotine patch.

Tip #5: Watch vlogs and read blogs
People are talking about True Blood 24/7, and typing about it, and thinking about it. It's all out there. It's interesting to read others' impressions, their favorite moments and characters. That helps you see the old news in fresh ways. There's always something to look for. My top picks: Camp Blood's Blood Work, The Vault and Loving True Blood in Dallas. There is nothing funnier than Brian and Andy talking True Blood. It's brilliant in this girl's humble opinion. And if you want True Blood news, you can't go wrong with The Vault and Loving True Blood in Dallas. They post everything, and I mean everything you could ever want to know.

I hope these tips help you pass the time until True Blood's on. I know writing them has helped me ;) and I've used all of these methods myself. They're tested.

Any True Blood fan knows that "Life Begins at Night." For us, that's Sunday's at 9. For everyone else, who cares? Anyone want to come to Fangtasia with me to watch Eric text message people? Tru Bloods are on me. If only...

And True Blood's on in T-minus 2 HOURS.

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