Friday, August 7, 2009

Playlists -- Writer's Block

The idea for this stems mostly from the fact that I happen to love "Kurt Vonnegut" from Born Ruffians and I wanted to do a writer's playlist around that. So it's about the process, the products, the greats. There's a live version at the top, and a sound-only link at the bottom. (They didn't play the whole song on the first vid.) Sharpen your pencils!

The Lineup:

1. "Handwriting" by Bottom of the Hudson (Unofficial Vid -- In the olden days.)

2. "Cut Cut Paste" by Tokyo Police Club (Live -- Something I always do when I write...)

3. "You Could Write a Book" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (Live -- ...If you were Kurt Vonnegut?)

4. "& So It Goes" by Albert Hammond, Jr. ( -- Not sure if it's meant to be, but I always thought this came from the saying in Slaughterhouse-Five.)

5. "Kilgore Trout" by The Appleseed Cast ( -- Science Fiction writer in Slaughterhouse-Five)

Video. "Kurt Vonnegut" by Born Ruffians (Live and link at left to Sound Only Vid)

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