Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank You Alexander Skarsgard's Scarf Knot

I've been accumulating a few projects that I want to tackle eventually. I've done small mods and designs based on patterns in hats I've duplicated in scarves and mittens, for example. I haven't done as much from scratch work. I'm just working up the nerve to really get down to brass tacks and sketch something, swatch something. This is the summer, and therefore the last of my relatively carefree days for a while, so it's probably now or never. Or at least now or not until winter break. So this is a little preview of my design goals to keep me motivated.

1. Urban Outfitters Beret -- To Be Named the "I'm Swedish." Beret in honor of The Skarsgard's frequent interview response.

This is a now out of season beret from Urban Outfitters that came in a few colors, none of them right, and cost $30-$35 for a wool-acrylic blend. I decided then and there to attempt a design based on this one with better quality, more reasonably priced yarn. I chose Knit Picks Cadena Yarn in Neptune. I hadn't made many berets before this so I made quite a few in preparation. These included several with this free pattern from The Purl Bee, the Chunky Cabled Tam from Knit.1 Fall/Winter 08 and one yet-to-be-completed beret based on a pattern in Vintage Knits. I'm still not 100 percent comfortable with the design elements to get them exactly right yet, but almost.

2. Stockholm Hooded Scarf -- To Be Named the "A Little Red" Riding Hood

The discovery of this item from Coal Considered was a complete accident due to my obsession with True Blood, and more precisely, Alexander Skarsgard. I was reading a recently translated article from (read here) which happened to mention what the actor was wearing for the interview. His ensemble included a soccer ("football") scarf tied in what the reporter called a "Stockholm Knot." Of course, as a knitter, I was intrigued by this new scarf knot sported by the handsome man and dutifully looked it up on Google Images. No real joy of finding an actual picture of someone with a scarf knot, but I did find this awesome hooded scarf. The actual scarf-thing, called simply, The Stockholm costs $70 and is a "wool blend." This most likely means wool-acrylic to me because they wouldn't neglect to mention cashmere in the mix! Even though this seems to use one yarn weight (worsted, I'm guessing?) throughout, I'm thinking for my version, I'll use a combination of the worsted weight Lion Brand Cashmere Blend in Red which I got on sale a while ago and TBA bulky weight yarn (maybe Cadena?). I'm also seriously considering naming my creation after Mr. Skarsgard in tribute to his magical powers. I read about True Blood and I get knitting ideas. Abra Kadabra.

UPDATE: This is very possibly a Stockholm scarf knot. Mystery solved? Or possibly something more like this knot knot?

Images are taken from UO website and Google Images.

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