Sunday, July 19, 2009

What About Eric?! -- The Viking Edition

What About Eric?! Well, thank you True Blood. In this week's episode, "Never Let Me Go," we see the story of Eric's human death and making, as a vampire. You know what that means! Viking outfits and Old Swedish. I never thought I'd be giggling at something in Old Swedish. You've gotta love it. The most memorable line this week: (From Eric) something like, "Wherever I am there will be women." That is so Eric.
But there were some interesting things happening with Jason at the Light of Day Institute. There was a little Mary Magdalene stuff going on with Sarah Newlin and Jason in the role of Jesus. Oh, boy. That was a bit strange. With Jason's limited knowledge of the Bible, that woman could trick him into anything, the poor boy.
I'm glad Tara finally said something to Maryann about her making herself at home in Sookie's house-- for about five minutes. There's something not okay about that whole situation. Plus there was the weird Maryann-Gran stuff. Ew.
Lorena's back and looking to get Bill away from Sookie in an aggressive way, orders and all that -- maker-style. So that'll be fun. But why is she there?! Well...
The promo for next week (will post when available) where we see that's she's striking up some kind of deal with Eric... Yay! If that means clearing the way for Eric and Sookie, then I'm all for it. You don't have to convince me that that's a good idea. More Eric, right?

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