Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twitter -- I can conquer the world now.

Well, it's official. I'm on Twitter. I never felt like a Twitter person, mainly because I grew so tired of the every media outlet known to man going completely apeshit over something I equated to updating your Facebook status. But that's in the past now. I think the ability to make a super cute color-coordinated layout with a nice picture has convinced me. The picture I chose is of my WIP Knit.1's Heart Vest and Dead and Gone, so it's Record Cozy approved!

One cool thing about Twitter is that you can follow True Blood and Southern Vampire Mysteries characters and here their little updates in very Bon Tempsy ways. There's Pam and Eric, Sookie, Bill, Jason, Tara, Sam, Lafayette, Claudine and everyone else you can think of to the most minor of characters.

On the knitting front, Vickie Howell and Stephanie Japel have one, as does Redshirt Knitting (famous for the tree sweater), Roxycraft, Knitty, and Ravelry. Of course there's more, but I can not type any more tonight.

Twitter Updates will be located on the sidebar and a direct link to my Twitter profile will be under the "Random Cuteness" links.

And now, I must go forth and conquer the world with my many broadcasting mediums! People need to know what color Alexander Skarsgard's socks were at Comic-Con! Woosh! (That's me flying like Superman, btw.)

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