Monday, July 27, 2009

The Pitt News A&E Staff -- Summer Picks

I thought that in order to give a broader view of what's out there in Arts and Entertainment besides a few of my favorite things, I'd share a few favorite things of my colleagues at The Pitt News. Do you have to ask what my pop culture fave was? I didn't think so. Read my pick below and the rest of the staff's picks here.

Television, “True Blood”
Leave it to Alan Ball to take something great and make it better. Season two of “True Blood” is perfect summer fare. It’s got Southern heat — a steamy cast with no shortage of shirtless buff men and girls in short shorts. But most of all, it’s got blood. There’s gore to spare as vampires rip the hell out of people and quench their thirsts with fang-filled smiles. “True Blood” writers excel at punctuating horror scenes with laughs, romance and social commentary. Need one say more than, “Do I have blood in my hair?” Oh, Eric.
-Alison Smyth, Staff Writer

Oh, and it's actually "Is there blood in my hair?" Well, Pam is going to kill me for getting that wrong... And in honor of that now-famous quote... a little scene we all love. Enjoy the gory splendor.

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