Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playlists -- The Darkly Peppy

The Darkly Peppy playlist, to match my gloomy mood from packing boxes for school with my need with an upbeat tempo. I don't need happy lyrics to get moving. Now, neither do you.

The Lineup:

1. "Become a Monk" by Modey Lemon (

2. "Golden Skans" by Klaxons (Official Vid)

3. "You and I" by Cut Off Your Hands (Official Vid -- Moving Picture Prints)

4. "Your Beauty Is a Knife I Turn on My Throat" by Eagle Seagull (Live and Free Download here)

5. "Funny funiculaire" by Les Breastfeeders (Official Vid -- French and Carnival= Fun stuff)

Video. "This Is Where We Are" by Ravens and Chimes (Live version's a bit weird, btw.)

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