Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What About Eric?! -- He's Nobody's Baby.

Oh, silly humans. Your terms of endearment do not amuse ancient Viking vampires. In this week's episode of True Blood, (Episode 7: "Hard-Hearted Hannah," Eric Northman shares a less-than-romantic "dinner" with a blood hooker at Hotel Carmilla (named after this vampire story, btw). Although he's quite unsatisfied with the girl's attempts at making this an enjoyable experience, Eric tells her to give a good report to her boss. Isn't he just a sweetheart? Looking out for the working girl. Just don't call him "baby."

Another key Eric moment was during Lafayette's basement time flashback, where the vampire was wearing Andy's clothes and speaking in his voice. The general consensus was that this was creepy and weird. But it's Eric, so I'll take it.

It was especially sweet the way that Terry helped comfort Lafayette and tell off his cousin. And if that wasn't enough, Pam instructs Lafayette to continue selling "V." (While having really strange hair. Plus the sunglasses were a nice touch.) Whose blood is in that vial? It's possible that it's any one of the Louisiana vamps in Eric's Area, but more likely, it's Eric's. He was willing to share it with Lafayette before, and that was only for an open-ended favor, not for any direct monetary gain.

One of the biggest revelations of the episode was the flashback to 1926 Chicago with Bill and Lorena (Guillaume and Fabiana... if I'm not mistaken) and a really kind of disturbing and gory scene where Bill is hardly a gentleman and revels in the bloody, lusty moment. He's kind of evil and a lot cozier with Lorena than when we last saw them together in the past, after Bill was turned. I kind of love Bill's codename. Guillaume is French for William. Perfect.

Sarah Newlin finally bedded Jason, in a church, no less. And there's sure to be consequences from that one. Sookie's comment that Sarah "looks like vanilla pudding" was pretty hilarious, considering the earlier line, "Sarah doesn't just whip her pudding out for just anyone," from the Reverend himself. There seems to be a pudding fixation when it comes to Mrs. Newlin.

And do I need to mention the giant orgy in Sookie's backyard and Sam being held for some kind of sacrifice? I hope not.

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