Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Episode 7 -- "Grr grr grr. I Heart Godric."

Promo for Episode 7, "Release Me."

Just some thoughts about the preview for next week's True Blood: One thing that the show seems to be ready to address is the fact that there's a traitor in the Dallas Area. Of course, Sookie says as much and it cuts to Eric telling Stan, "You killed Godric for his title." This makes me think that the show's writers may be creating an explanation for Stan's rise in position from Sheriff (in Living Dead in Dallas) to King (in All Together Dead, I believe it was). Something Charlaine Harris didn't get to explain fully, mostly because Sookie wasn't privy to the information.

This preview kind of squashes the cliff hanger of the last episode, where we see Sam held down while Carl presents a knife to Maryann. So, maybe there's a little bloodletting, but nothing final.

Poor Jason! He never gets away with anything. He tries to do right, and he's punished. He tries to do something he knows is wrong, and he's held at knife point.

Sookie's not going to have a very nice time next episode, it looks like. And of course, there goes Bill making threats again. The theme of the year so far? Bill: "Don't hurt Sookie or you'll be sorry!" and Eric: "Grr grr grr. I heart Godric."

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