Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Regina's Maryann: Lusty Porcupine or Female Dog?

Blood Work "True Blood" vlog 2.6: "PussyCat Blues"
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Normally, I don't do a whole post on Blood Work, but this week's episode mentioned a great Music-True Blood connection and I just couldn't resist. At about marker 10:28 Brian mentions a song of
Regina Spektor's (who happens to be one of my favorites) which has the lyric, "Mary Anne's a bitch." It's from her album, Soviet Kitsch and is called "Sailor Song."(Skip to 1:50 below if you're antsy.)

Either Regina Spektor's a precog or our favorite people at True Blood are doing what they do best and taking one line of a chorus and turning it into two seasons worth of hellbitch. (Note: Harris' "Maryann" never had a name.) That's using music to it's full advantage, in my book.

It's time to find out if our bull monster Maryann is Regina's bitch or maybe the murderous food and lust porcupine from 11:11's "Marry Ann." (Listen
here or watch a fan cover here.) After all, it was Stan who had no antlers. Maybe Marry Ann had them all along, or maybe a nice pair of bull horns. Wink, wink.

Any way you slice that chicken breast and meatloaf, the names are typo-rrific and could mean everything or nothing to True Blood's Maryann Forrester. I'd like to think they mean something.

As always, bravo,
Blood Work! Your powers of observation prevail where mine do not. And a little Regina Spektor lyrical connection says it all.

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