Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doomed Pets -- They all look alike.

Today I watched Pet Sematary for the first time. This seems like a horrible horrible thing, with the reputation of the classic horror movie, but considering I was a baby when it came out, I hope all can be forgiven. There were a couple things I noticed about the movie that were very interesting.

The first one being the remarkable resemblance of the dead, then undead cat, Winston "Church" Churchill (marvel at that for a moment) and Tina, Sookie Stackhouse's cat. They could be twins. The cats, that is. They have a nice picture and mini article about Tina, here from Loving True Blood in Dallas. Below is a clip of Church: The Doomed and Undead.

See, those pets all look alike. Aside from being an interesting look at gruesome late 80s gore, bad parenting skills and poor judgement, Pet Sematary has super cool music. There's a rather entertaining song by The Ramones of the same name. It's too good to describe. Thank you YouTube. You say volumes when words are not enough.

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