Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best. True Blood. Clip. Ever. -- 80% Eric.

This is either the best True Blood clip ever or I'm completely spazzing over the fact that we're finally going to see something of the Eric-Sookie relationship. I think both. Take note of the scene around 1:20 where a very Eric-like dude and Sookie are looking mighty close. Evidence that it's Eric: He's touching Sookie's shoulder in the same way he touch Lafayette right after his release from Fangtasia and there's blond hair. Hopefully it's Eric, even though that's speeding up the book plot a little. Even if this extreme, well, awesome development isn't exactly how it looks, the two are also getting closer with Eric even suggesting that Sookie may become a vampire some day! (SPOILER sort of: Book people know that Charlaine Harris has said that Sookie won't become a vampire, but that may change and that goes double for the increasingly unpredictable True Blood show.)

This isn't Eric's best day ever, though as we also see him get socked by Bill, and chained by the Fellowship of the Sun. Ouch. And we'll get to see a harsher-looking "pretty blonde vampire lady on T.V." (according to Eric), Nan Flanagan. I'm intrigued by this mainly because in the Facebook Fan Page for True Blood, the link to this video says, "Are you ready to meet the Queen?" So, does that mean Nan is the Queen of Texas? I think so. I was wondering what the heck she was doing there and that explains it.

Plus the much anticipated (by me) 1930s flashback with Bill, Lorena and a vampire version of Nathan Barr, the show's music guy. I'm convinced that this is the best thing ever. There was about 80 percent Eric in that clip. I approve. Yes indeed.

Note: If video doesn't play above, click here to see it on HBO's True Blood website. Titled: "Comic-Con Exclusive"

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