Friday, July 31, 2009

Quest For the Perfect Indie Girl Haircut -- Envy.

My quest for the perfect indie girl haircut usually falls short of the ideal. I don't really have any horror stories, or that bizarre phobia women have with shortening their hair an inch. But what I do have is a case of the blahs. I can never force myself to be adventurous enough to change my style drastically.

One band girl that always colors me green?
The Pipettes' Rose Elinor Dougall (previous links to MySpace). She really does have the best hair. In 2007, she sported this rocker chick look at Ruisrock and in the video for the Brit band's "Pull Shapes." (below)

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
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Rose Elinor Dougall (previous links to wiki) has since split from The Pipettes, and is working on the release of her single, Start/Stop/Synchro, out this past June. Dougall's new solo material is less vintage-inspired pop and more of a dark ethereal pop. And it suits her well, much like her choppy rocker hairstyles. More recently, Dougall goes with this shorter style, a sweet look with bangs. Still pretty cool.

I first read about the solo carrer move and saw the new cut in this issue of Under the Radar back in February. The magazine reviews her new record here, an article from June.

Below is a pair of R.E.D. tracks a la YouTube for your listening pleasure and to admire the awesomeness that is Rose's hair. I'm quite envious. I'm sure you are too. I can only hope that mine'll look that good when I finally take the plunge and get that famed cool girl haircut.


  1. rose is a fucking carbon copy of every other wannabe in the business. i mean your discussing her very popular haircut like it matters. please gimme a break. this is hilarious

  2. Thank you for visiting, Random Person. I'm assuming you've come to this post like several others have, by Googling "Indie Girl Haircut" or "Perfect Indie Girl." That is a very anti-establishment thing to do.

    I happen to think Rose is pretty awesome, and I'm not alone, even in the indie music world and the respected publications which track it. We're not talking Britney, here. The Pipettes were well-established before Rose went solo, that says something.

    The post was about haircuts, I happen to like hers. I didn't propose we gold-plate it or anything. I think it's valid to talk about haircuts in a post about haircuts, no?

    I'm sorry you didn't like it. Or take it in the spirit in which it was offered. Or check your grammar.


  3. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described


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