Saturday, September 5, 2009

Playlists -- Sufjan Stevens. He Knits.

I really kind of love Sufjan Stevens. I have yet to hear a song of his I didn't like. I haven't been listening to him long, but it's been quality time together. I think his insane awesomeness is multiplied by the fact that he's a knitter. There aren't many men who own up to being purl friendly. He also teaches knitting to the blind. You can probably guess how I feel about men with a charitable nature.

The only other knitting dude I can think of is that guy who knits with drum sticks -- Oh, wait. He drums with knitting needles. Much less impressive. (Not really. I just like to kid.) Him, and Michael Kors. There's others, but I like to pretend that it's only Sufjan Stevens and me. Oh, Sufjan Stevens and your yarn.

Let's admit it. He's super cute. (Evidence: Choose one. Preferably with the ties and tidy-messy hair.)

But that's not why this is a Sufjan Stevens-only playlist day! It's because Alison is lazy! Who said that? No, it is because someone should point it out when people are awesome. Maybe not in those exact words, but everyone loves a little recognition. Even occasionally bed-headed musician boy knitters. Especially.

The Lineup:

1. "Demetrius" by Sufjan Stevens (

2. "A Sun Came" by Sufjan Stevens (Sound Only -- The end of this one is like someone's headache. It makes me laugh.)

3. "The Oracle Said Wander" by Sufjan Stevens ( -- The only video for this doesn't have the whole song. It doesn't make much sense to me. Now I've probably enticed you to watch it anyway. I hope you like teeth.)

4. "A Winner Needs a Wand" by Sufjan Stevens (Fanvid for Sufjan Stevens and No Country for Old Men)

5. "Dumb I Sound" by Sufjan Stevens (Sound Only)

Video. "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens (Audio Only with very nice pictures! I think I did a live one of this before, but that's okay. You can never have enough.)

Video. "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" by Sufjan Stevens (Unofficial -- Dioramas Animals from Natural History Museums. No wonder I like it. The Natural History thing, not the dead animals thing.)

Video. "The Lord God Bird" by Sufjan Stevens (Unofficial -- Fields of flowers. Blond chick frolicking.)


  1. this might be the first playlist of yours that i actually have listened to, its good morning music. theres atleast 2 swedish extreme skiers that knit hats and sell them. One made a hat with a ghost in it while bourdain was interviewing them over a dinner of swedish meat balls. pretty awesome

  2. I love Mr Stevens! And now you tell me he knits I love him more. I may have to stalk him. :)

    Very cool blog.

    And thanks for your comment on mine. Not sure I am the coolest person ever. Too much yarn to keep me cosy.

    Deadly Knitshade x


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