Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brave Little Toaster -- Cheerful Appliance!

I have a few ideas lined up for today and the near future, but I am too lazy. So I bring you probably the first of many entirely random, quick and dirty blog posts. I'm sorry this looks kind of strangely wrong next to the heading for my Wool 100% post. I think The Brave Little Toaster's virtue can remain unsullied, even in close proximity to that 3-letter word.

I feel like I've made a lot of Brave Little Toaster references lately. I can think of at least 3 in the past few days, the most recent in this tweet from only a little while ago.

I feel like there aren't enough Brave Little Toaster references floating around. This was another one of my favorite films, The Brave Little Toaster.

What can I say, I'm all about nostalgia. Yet another movie that made my childhood awesome. And made me appreciate the more cheerful of the kitchen appliances.

This is kind of scary as hell. I remember the fear. That air conditioner makes me happy that my dorm is low-tech. The Brave Little Toaster is optimistic and full of hope while other appliances are conspiracy theorists.

There are no Brave Little Toaster dancing to "Tutti Frutti" videos that I've found. I think the search will have to continue. Because that dance is the basis for many a Brave Little Toaster reference. It makes me sad not to share it with the world.

Everyone knows that the dance of The Brave Little Toaster makes people spontaneously happy. Just because. He's a toaster. Who dances.

UPDATE: Just for funsies, thanks to Nystacular for this one. Random, yet awesome. Who are you? I'm sure you've been dying to find out.

It won't let me see the result, but I'm sure I'm a toaster. I enjoy bread too much to be anything else. Although, I'll get offended if you call me "Slots."

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