Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skarsgard Fix -- I'm Just a Craving Skars Girl, Baby. Watch Generation Kill, Baby with Me.

I've horribly neglected my blog this week, but I promise to deliver on the True Blood finale and everything else later. Right now, I am going through horrible Alexander Skarsgard withdrawl, for no apparent reason.

So here we are.

My birthday's next month, and I really cannot wait to have another video of the Skars to pop in any time I want.

What's my random craving today? Some Iceman. And what's going to cure that? Some singing clips from Generation Kill and other lovely, lovely GK-themed clips. Yes.

You love to see it. These guys are so heart-breakingly cute.

The only downside? You have "Teenage Dirtbag" stuck in your head all day. It's worth it.

And ASkars is miles away from Jason Biggs, sorry to say. I like his version better. Mainly because I get to look at him. You know how that goes.

I bring you clips from Generation Kill:

Singing. It's awesome when ASkars does it.


Lots of nice Iceman, but skip to 3:50 for the drool. Sigh.

I need to get this DVD. Like now.

I'm just craving Skars girl, ba-by. This might help until sum-mer, ba-by with me! Ooooooooo.

But I still want more Eric next season.

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