Monday, September 7, 2009

Wool 100% -- How is Knitting Like Sex?

I wanted to write up a post on Wool 100% when I saw it two weeks ago, but I got a little busy. It's an interesting film, albeit sort of loud and makes you paranoid that your neighbors think you're having a rave in your room or something. Although Vogue Knitting wrote a small piece about it last winter (which I discovered later), I don't think many knitters know about it. Let me tell you a story.

Nystacular and I were getting pretty crazy and going anti-hermit for the day. Our big outing? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in IMAX 3-D. Big let down, btw. And not in the awesome Radiohead way. That's the 3-D, not the movie. I love Harry Potter. Awesome knitwear.

So we're waiting for the movie to start, our giant yellow plastic glasses sitting on our laps amidst a crowd of families and nerdy college kids. Nyssa turns to me and says, "Let me tell you about this movie I saw." We had discussed the film earlier, at one of our nerdy hermit days (Scrabble, Food Network and Cartoons. Very often insanely short games of 2-person Clue or Gobblet, which I always lose.)

As a knitter, I'm intrigued at any movie about wool (obviously). Nyssa tells me that it's really weird. These two old ladies collect junk and they have cute hairstyles. They take care of their finds and clean them up. There's a garbage man--but cute who these sisters both like when they're young. They like him, so they're going to knit him a baby.

Why are they going to knit him a baby? Because when they were young, their mother was pregnant, and as she finished a piece of knitting (which laid across her stomach), her belly grew. So knitting=babies. (She didn't tell me this part.)

Now, don't think I'm giving away too much, because I didn't even get the ending until I saw the preview again just now. If you don't get it, just shoot me an email at and I will explain it to you, if you'd like.

So this morning, @knitthecity reposted a link to something about "How is knitting like sex?" Of course, it was a humorous answer. But my mind went straight to Wool 100%, "Because they both make babies?"


I think if you're a knitter, you'll identify with Knit-Again, a girl who appears after the women find a bunch of red wool. Her mantra is, "Damn it! I have to knit it again!" That comes out like a siren, and the old ladies cover their ears as Knit-Again rips off her asymmetrically knit red dress and starts frogging.

She's always knitting, and she gets pretty pissed when it's not right. I know how that goes.

It is weird as hell, but I liked it. If you're like me, you'll be jealous of Knit-Again's awesome yarn the entire movie. Go see it. If your library's as cool as mine, they might have it in stock.

There's a lesson, a moral, if you will, and I will close with Nystacular and my Twitter conversation the next day on the subject:

Just watched Wool 100%. Knit-Again messed up my knitting rhythm. And I think she also scared my neighbors. #knitting #movies

Nystacular@recordcozy did it leave you confused? because it left me wondering. I grew to love knit again, but then I hated her in the end

recordcozy@Nystacular Why'd you hate Knit-Again? Because she kept stabbing things with knitting needles or because she would spontaneously get naked?

Nystacular@recordcozy because knit again tried to kill the ladys I think? but really, can you ever be sure with anything in that movie

Nystacular@recordcozy or maybe she was just a physical metaphor for spring cleaning

recordcozy@Nystacular She didn't try to kill them. Just liberating them from the evil clutter demons! So I guess it is about spring cleaning. & fire.

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