Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skarsgard Fix -- Best Thing To Say Ever.

I think I pretty much have the best friends ever. It's not huge gestures or even insane amount of time spent together that makes them great. I'd have to say it's the times when they say just the right thing to make me laugh spontaneously at one random word or phrase or image. Or to understand the obscure references I sometimes like to use. That's good enough for me.

I'll tell you how this little tech conversation went earlier today on Facebook:

(Status Update)
Rachel is *not* listening to the avett brothers on repeat and looking at pictures of ireland. she's clearly doing something to enrich her mind. or her GPA. yeahhh.

(Alison Comments)
Yet again, sub Sufjan Stevens and Miniature Tigers and Alexander Skarsgard... I mean... look at this essay I'm writing!

(Rachel Comments)
i love that i know exactly which blanks those go in. ha. someone is going to come by and find you staring motionless at your walls, only to realize you aren't in fact dead, just in a skars trance.

That's the end of the exchange. Just that little bit of dialogue. And it made my night.

Oh and seriously, can you blame me for Skars trances when you put all of this in front of my face? Sigh. (Yeah, I chose that one. I like the way he scrunches his nose up. Cute. Bloody eyes. Less cute.)

Finer Details:

1. Rachel knows that I recently put the TV Guide Scene Stealer article with The Skarsgard on my wall.

2. This is the first time that she's called him Skars. It's obviously not the first time she's heard it. Not from me. Psh. Yes from me.

3. She's not a True Blood girl. Although I immediately offered my DVDs (spread the wealth, right?), she declined because, and I quote, "I don't need to get addicted to another show."

Probably true. I spend a lot of time thinking about Viking vampires. I'm not going to tell you what I'm thinking about. Let's leave that a really transparent mystery.

There might be something to this staring at the wall thing. Or at my laptop. Or at the television.

Maybe I should wear a sign around my neck that says, "Not dead, just looking at Alexander Skarsgard."

Rachel and Nyssa: Thank you for understanding me enough to make me laugh at one-sentence typed responses. You always find the best things to say. Ever. I spend a lot of time giggling. It's your fault.

Well, you and Alexander Skarsgard.

UPDATE (9/11/09 at 11:23 a.m.):

I just had a thought about The Skars. Shocker. I can recall a conversation with Nyssa which she started with, "I was thinking about Eric in the shower this morning." (A reflection on the Eric-Sookie relationship in the books, completely logistical.) to which I replied, "You were thinking about Eric in the shower? You slut!"

But really, that was the tea cozy calling the amigurumi cute and superfluous. I was thinking about this post, and indirectly, Alexander Skarsgard, earlier. And I realize that I can't get through the day without calling myself a "Skars Perv." Because really, who wouldn't be?

I think we need another Skars Fix, because I can't be the only one pining in the morning. That's me. Cute and Superfluous. Just don't tell anyone.


  1. :) :) :)

    ((apparently i'm anonymous now. it's sort of like being invisible. but better.))

  2. in my defense, I think I started off thinking about sookie and then it was pam and then eric? i dunno it had to do with me shaving my legs. YOUR WELCOME ALISON! GIGGLES FOR ALL. oh and a bonus, Rachel doesn't have to be caught up in the possible fight for the skars

  3. Yes. Rachel is lucky that she doesn't have to fight me to the death for him. I'm going to assume that Anonymous is either Rachel, or a really vain girl named Rachel who thinks she knows me. Either way, I agree it is awesome to be invisible. That's another Skars Perv story, but I can't discuss it.

  4. never would i be so afraid of a 130 lb white girl then if i did, in fact, attempt to join in the fight for skars.

  5. I just found your blog when googling "gracious plenty" and love all your posts about Alex S.!!! I have the most pathetic crush on him... I can't go to work in the morning, for example, without going to a scene in Book 3 or 4 to get a fix. LOL So far, I am halfway through book 5.

    It's going to break my heart if Eric and Sookie aren't together on True Blood. It's just a show, right? But it pains me to see Alan Ball giving Bill credit (on the show) for things that Eric does (in the book), like saving Sookie from Longshadow. And we won't get to see Sookie wake up to find out her driveway has new gravel courtesy of Eric... because in Season 2 when he asks her to go to Dallas, she demands extra money so she can get her driveway fixed. Bill is portrayed as a much better guy on the show than in the books, and Eric is painted as a villain. And even though it's just a tv show, it still seems all consuming and important. *sigh*

    Anyway, didn't mean to go on such a tangent. Just say'n I love your Alex posts and understand what you mean. LOL Thanks for sharing!


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